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General installation instructions


  1. Begin by preparing a clean workspace where you will install your brand new Antgrip.
  2. Open the packaging and place the alcohol cleaning pads (Isopropyl Alcohol prep pads) and the film sheet with your ordered model’s Antgrip pieces positioned on the work surface. On the backside of the film sheet you can also find detailed instructions to apply the product.
  3. If you have a simple model there are a few grip pieces with obvious placement, and you should have no problems identifying which part goes where. But some models are more challenging – for those we placed a few stickers on the film sheet to help you figure it out (always assume a bird’s eye view, mouse buttons on top):· Arrow up (↑) – Install the grip as positioned upwards on the film sheet upwards on the mouse itself
    · L – Install the grip piece on the left side of the mouse
    · R – Install the grip piece on the right side of the mouse
  4. Always install the grip pieces for Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 buttons first, the sides second and the remaining pieces third.
  5. Make sure to always position the grip pieces on the edge of the button, align it with the curvature and design of the mouse and press to join. Ensure that you achieved a full seal with the mouse, with no air pockets between the two surfaces.
  6. After applying a grip piece, go around the edge it and firmly press it down into the mouse shell – hold for a few seconds so that the silicon-based glue can work its magic. 5. If any of the edges lifts up immediately or shortly after your installation, simply do it again with some more force and for some time more to make sure it grips.
  7. Try playing a game. Be amazed and experience perfect grip, no matter what.

Quick installation troubleshooting steps:


  • “An edge lifted up after I installed my Antgrip. What’s wrong?” – If any of the edges lifts up immediately or shortly after your installation, you did not press it in hard enough or long enough. Simply do it again to make sure it grips.
  • “Two pieces look identical, I don’t know which goes where!” – Look at the markings by the grip piece, which will help you identify what goes where. If still in doubt, take a look at the installation video to see the process from start to finish at
  • “The grip piece does not fit” – Always carefully align the grip to the main piece edge and follow it. If it does not fit, you did not align it correctly at the start. Worry not, slowly remove the grip and re-install – it is not until you firmly press it into the mouse that the silicone glue will bond with the mouse surface.
  • “There are cuts in my grip?” – Some mice require tension-alleviation cuts to be included so that they do not wrinkle or have air pockets when applying. When applying mice with cuts, always install each section one after another – with the edge of one section joining seamlessly with another section. The end result is that there should be no visible gaps on the mouse itself.
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