We ship with DHL and UPS with full tracking information.

We strive to provide customers with affordable, reliable and expedient worldwide shipping.

During checkout, you will have multiple options to choose from for shipping the ordered Antgrip products to your doorstep. For ones that need their package as soon as possible, there are Express services that can deliver to a location on a different end of the world in just 24 hours, while you also have budget-minded options that take a few more days.

How our shipping works

The moment your order is placed, it enters our system and begins processing – we will automatically print the necessary documents and prepare the shipment within 72 hours, most of the time even sooner. Depending on the shipping courier and service, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking information and that your order has begun its journey and an estimated time of arrival.

Please note that we have no control over the import fees or duties charged when you receive your order. Each country sets a maximum value for products, which classify as free of import fees/duties. Once the value of your order exceeds that amount, you may be charged a fixed percentage depending on the fee rate and other customs processing fees.

We have no control over this, except to provide clear information on the actual value and recipient on shipping manifest and commercial invoices with which we can not add to the customs process further. Generally speaking, the value of our products is so low that most customers don’t incur any customs fees at all.

If you have any further information regarding our shipping practices, order status or similar – please write to us at [email protected].

Can't find your gear?

Antgrip is now shipping to customers worldwide within 48 hours of order confirmation.