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Welcome to another Antgrip tutorial where we will show you how to install Antgrip on your razer naga trinity this mouse is slightly different than the others because it has three different side grips when you open your package for your Antgrip inside you have alcohol pads and 2 cards with the grip before you start you try to figure out where different parts of your grips goes on your mouse so you won’t have a problem with it later.


When you’re ready to start take an alcohol pad and clean your mouse thoroughly so so first we are gonna apply the mouse button part which is right here peel it off and be careful to fit the side line of the grip with the side line of your mouse like this make sure you fit all the curves and press it down gently okay then the second part we’re gonna apply the mouse part which is slightly different because it has the full part the mouse part and the full part are all together right here look take it down okay and now again fit the side part side fit the side line right here with your side line of the mouse button like this as you did with the first one now you just have to watch that you press gently down like this okay now for the full part just follow the line of the mouse here with your edge of the grip like this press press.


Next part we’re gonna apply the first side part of the mouse this part is the side part where it’s not removable so this one you fit it right here in the edge press it down when you’re happy with the fit right here you lift the back up and follow the line of the mouse like this press it down if this happens you just lift it up again and fit it like this press it gently so and when you like the fit you just press it down all the way like this okay the next part first we’re gonna do this side part with the with the first we’re gonna do this side part okay so take the grip and this one fits here watch and fit the upper line with the upper line of your mouse like this and press it down okay.

Take the last curvy part and again it with the upper line here and press it down okay one side part down two to go and okay here you have to watch to fit the curve of your grip with the curve of your mouse the longer parts go to the back of the mouse okay again fit the curve and then watch for the upper line that fits your mouse like this okay and now the last part take this part and the last side of the mouse and you fit it right here and watch that the curve of the grip  fits the curve of your buttons like this and press it down okay now when we are done with this we’re gonna have to go over every grip that we applied for better stickage and press it down firmly for a couple of seconds on each one you have to press it down firmly especially on the edges so when you did that you are done and you have your grip applied.

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