The first antgripped mouse – Logitech G PRO

It seems fitting that the first mouse to receive the full Antgrip treatment is Logitech highest performing device, designed exclusively for esports professionals.

Some hardware information on the product itself – it supports resolutions from 200 to 12.000 dpi, although the native number that guarantees best performance is on the lower side of the spectrum. With the support of over 40G of maximum acceleration and 300 inches per second of tracking speed (both of which are numbers we wholeheartedly recommend you use the Antgrip with, as otherwise you risk the mouse flying out of your hands), there is virtually no way for it to glitch out.

Inside is a 32-bit ARM processor that reports at 1000 Hz, so guaranteeing a 1ms response time, while the mouse surface is analysed by the PMW3366 Pixart sensor, probably the best regarded mouse sensor on the market today. With a low weight of 129.5 grams with the cable and 83 grams without, it is a great product for gamers wanting a nice, small, nimble mouse that responds perfectly to their movements.