Roccat Kone EMP process of antgripping, part 1

The process of a mouse getting the antgrip treatment involves quite a number of steps – starting with covering the product with matting paper on the surfaces we want covered with the grip. After that, we draw over the paper with our initial design for the antgrip cover. That is followed by the transfer of the paper to a more rigid material that is used as a stencil, which we use to cut out the antgrip itself.

Usually, it takes two to three revisions to get the final shape for the side pieces and upwards of 6 revisions of the full cover grip, so that it has sufficient (you guessed it) grip for any of the three main mouse holding shapes, as well as it flows and complements the design of the product it is applied on.

One of the initial designs of the full cover (after having successfully finished with the side grips), that was later scratched due to not complementing the graphics on the mouse itself.
Another revision that was ultimately discarded, although it includes the shape that goes together with the aggressive animal from the mouse itself.
Figuring out the final design requires a lot of trial and error, as every mouse is very much so different and the physical properties of the antgrip material have to be taken into consideration for it to work on the curved parts of the mice.
The sidegrip showcased flows nicely with the overall design of the Roccat Kone EMP.